Bundle Course: The Art Of Live Streams + The Guide to Onsite Hosting & Emceeing

Bundle Course
The Art of Live Streams + The Guide To Hosting & Emceeing

Duration: 24 hours (Weekdays)

1. The Art Of Live Streams 


    1. What is Live Stream
    2. The History of Live Streams
    3. Types of Live Streams
    4. Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Live Stream Presenter
    5. Making Live Streams Professional
    6. Personalising Live Streams
    7. Dos and Don’ts
    8. Live Stream Production
    9. Production Checklist
    10. Going Live
    BONUS: Monetizing Live Streams

Batch 2 (Weekdays 930am to 530pm): 

30 November 2020 Monday

01 December 2020 Tuesday

2. The Guide to Hosting & Emceeing


1. Housekeeping Announcements
2. The Master of Ceremony Role
3. Script Preparation
4. Walking To The Stand
5. Body Language
6. Breaking The Ice
7. Introductions and Inviting Speakers
8. Crowd Management
9. Protocol and Social Etiquette
11. Dos and Don’ts

BONUS: Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking

Batch 1 (Weekdays 7pm to 10pm):

03 December 2020 Thursday
04 December 2020 Friday
14 December 2020 Monday
15 December 2020 Tuesday

Batch 2 (Weekdays 7pm to 10pm): 

21 December 2020 Monday 
28 December 2020 Monday
04 January 2020 Monday
11 January 2020 Monday

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